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Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8436

Profile Intro: hi there, I have previously worked as a graphic designer and a cleaner at a local church... worked as a DJ in sheffield and at the counter in a local record shop.. well spoken and friendly

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 09/04/2019

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8435

Profile Intro: Hardworking and willing to learn..

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 08/04/2019

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8434

Profile Intro: Hi my name is Jane I'm 33 & from Liverpool

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 28/03/2019

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8432

Profile Intro: I’m a university graduate with great sales and customer service experience. In my last role I was the primary manager in a prestige shop based in canary wharf, a position I was promoted to in the shortest time possible.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 31/01/2019

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8431

Profile Intro: I am currently studying Social work at Portsmouth university. I am looking for a dynamic role which will fit in with university life but also allow me to develop my customer service skills and further develop myself by working within a team.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 01/01/2019

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8430

Profile Intro: I retired from a company after 33 year of service. Relocated to Liverpool and I 'm not ready to go to pasture

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 18/12/2018

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8429

Profile Intro: I enjoy helping my peers also work hard at completing any task put before me am hunting for a 20 hour job in the middelsbrough area looking forward to hearing from you..

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 16/10/2018

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8420

Profile Intro: I am a full time worker with experience within full time accounting, I have 4-6 yrs previous experience. I am looking for work in Scotland.

Experience: 4-6 Yrs

Profile Updated: 13/08/2018

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8411

Profile Intro: I am a part time IT professional with experience of Salesforce SFDC , I have 1-3 yrs previous experience of Salesforce. I am looking for my next role in London, and my preference is to utilise my Salesforce and business analysis skills in some way, and will welcome suitable contract, temporary and/or part-time roles t ...

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 11/08/2018

Part time Jobseeker Profile - 8407

Profile Intro: Dear Sir or Madam, I am a friendly, approachable and professional individual with experience in Administration, Human Resources, Customer Service and education with excellent keyboard/computer skills and communication skills. I thrive on using my own initiative and can also work well in a team as well as on my own. ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 07/08/2018