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Londoners on flexible work continue to increase
Date created: 05/08/2015
The number of Londoners on flexible work arrangements have increased as employers are offering flexible work hours more often today than in the past, according to a new research by Astbury Marsden... read more

The Best British Summer Part Time jobs for Students
Date created: 28/07/2015
Are you a student who needs to make some extra money to cover for student loans, rent or simply your social life? Contrary to popular belief, student jobs do not always have to be boring or minimum wage, and the standard diet doesn’t have to be beans on toast... read more

Part-time workers are the happiest employees in Scotland, new survey says
Date created: 09/07/2015
Bank of Scotland’s Happiness Index said working short hours is a big reason why Scotland’s part-time workers are the happiest employees... read more

Available part-time jobs have increased but almost half of UK students do not want to work
Date created: 30/06/2015
Part-time jobs across UK have risen for the past ten years, but almost half of young people do not want Saturday jobs anymore... read more

Only 11% of UKs top companies have made public number of its workers under part-time, temporary or zero-hours contrac
Date created: 18/06/2015
Only about 11% of the biggest companies in the UK are transparent in reporting their employee compensation, particularly as to how many employees they have employed on the basis of a part-time, temporary or zero-hours contract, a new report says... read more

Number of global part-time workers continue to rise
Date created: 09/06/2015
The International Labour Organization (ILO) said in its new report that there are more workers in the world engaged in part-time or temporary jobs... read more

Part-time Work is a Rising Trend among UK Men
Date created: 06/05/2015
More men are choosing part-time work these days, according to latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)... read more

New Study says Part-time Jobs may Affect Grades
Date created: 10/04/2015
Working part-time while preparing for examinations may affect a teenager's grades, says new research from the University of Essex... read more

Part-time work should not be stigmatised - top-level male corporate players are also doing it
Date created: 22/03/2015
Most men are reluctant to work on a part-time basis, but some men holding high company positions are finding it more beneficial not to go down the path of their predecessors who devoted their entire lives to full-time corporate work.. read more

Give Skilled Women Flexible Work Think Tank Urges
Date created: 07/01/2015
A new research says UK's government can save as much as £700 m in money paid by taxpayers.. read more

Demand for more part-time workers increasing amid sluggish rise in pay
Date created: 10/12/2014
The need for more part-time workers is increasing but significant pay increase for those not working full time may not be within reach yet.. read more

Calls to advertise senior-level part-timers to debunk part-time job stigma
Date created: 02/12/2014
East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has a proposition to end the myth surrounding part-time work: government agencies and businesses should show the public that they have senior people holding part-time positions.. read more

Bus and Tube Fare Revamp Helps Part-time Workers in London to Save Money
Date created: 26/11/2014
About 600,000 workers in London holding part-time jobs will be able to save more money following the recent change in London's bus and tube fare rates.. read more

Holiday Pay Ruled to Include Regular Over Time
Date created: 12/11/2014
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that regular overtime should be incorporated with holiday pay... read more

Royal Mail creates 160 seasonal part-time jobs in Norwich
Date created: 29/10/2014
Royal Mail is creating 160 part-time jobs in Norwich on the run-up to the festive season.. read more

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